Dec 23, 2011

Kasey 2010 Christmas

Aaryonna 2007 Christmas

KIT: Folk Art Christmas by Kimeric Kreations
TEMPLATE: Holiday Template Pack by Kellie Mize Designs
FONTS: PrestigeEliteStd-Bd

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2007 Christmas Tree

KIT: JOY by Wendy Page Designs

Journaling Reads...
This is our
2007 Christmas tree. Not a very good picture but I didnt have a very good camera. I kept it because although it is blurry I still loved this tree for whatever reason. Well one HUGE reason is because it was the first time Colin ever really helped decorate the tree at Christmas time. This was your first Christmas tree decorating experience and we had a blast!!!

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2peas in a Pod

KIT: Folk Art Christmas by Kimeric Kreations
TEMPLATE: Simply Put Volume 2 - Template Pack by Dawn by Design
PAPER PACK: dirty solids by Joyful Heart Designs
FONTS: SegoeUI-Light,PrestigeEliteStd-Bd

Journaling reads:
Here at 7 and 3 you are
2 peas in a pod. Always
together, always having
fun. Silly kids, funny kids
loving kids. Now at 10
and 6, you are still 2 peas
in a pod. You are not always
together but you still do lots
together. You are still silly kids,
still funny kids, and still loving.
You still stick together and
get along. Love yas always:)

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Dec 15, 2011

Colin Oopsies

KIT: Oopsie by eNKay Design
TEMPLATE: Eezy Peezy 7 Templates by eNKay Design
FONT: SegoePrint

Journaling reads...
He didn’t really do anything wrong. I made them some playdough
and I put some extra flour on the table for them so it didn’t stick.
He kept thinking that he was going to get in trouble for making
a mess with it. I had to keep telling him it was ok that he was
not going to get into trouble, that I put it there for him to make
a mess with. He looked at me like I was crazy because he COULD
make a mess like that and it was ok with me.

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Pretty Princesses

KIT: Altered Bohemian by Joyful Heart Designs
TEMPLATE: Eezy Peezy 7 Templates by eNKay Design
FONT: SegoePrint

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KIT: All That Glitters by Kimeric Kreations
TEMPLATE: TDC_Template-Challenge_123011 by Jenna

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KIT: A Little Merry by Flutter Expressions
FONT: StencilStd

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Dec 8, 2011

Caitlyn Christmas yr 09

KITS: The Stars Christmas Bundle by Sherwood Studio
SKETCH: Sketch 262 by Leah Farquharson available at Pencil Lines Sketch Challenge;
FONT: SegoeScript

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Christmas yr 11

KIT: Holiday Cheer by Dawn by Design
WEATHER PAPERS: Seasonal Solids Paper Pack by Jeanine DeOre
Fonts: sfTwelveAgain

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Artist in Training

KIT: Tea Garden by ViVa Artistry
Fonts: Plantagenet Cherokee

Caitlyn and Scruffles

Fall Kids yr 10 11-1 Layout

KIT: Comfy Cozy by Kimeric Kreations
TEMPLATE: 12-6TempChallenge by Cluster Queen Creations

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Florida 11-1 Layout