Aug 27, 2011

Ok Learning the Shadows & FREEBIE

Ok, so I spent the better part of yesterday Learning, yes learning that is what this process is all about, remember? Me=Scrapper=Learning=Documenting=EVERYTHING!!!! So yup even something as small as learning how to apply a drop shadow.

Small I say? Wrong it is NOT a small feat no, no it isn't! I did say a BETTER PART OF YESTERDAY!!!! That is exactly what I meant lol. I learned a drop shadow is not just a drop shadow but...Dunt dunt dah.. it is a MASTERPIECE! a WONDERFULLY BEAUTIFULLY crafted art form. I learned it REALLY does make the page. Well it definitely made my flower lol. Page is to come later. I am going to learn what I used not just on a lonely little flower, but on a WHOLE page lol. I will of course be back to show you what it looks like when I am done. Don't know if that wil be today or not.

I have a birthday party today. My niece is turning 15. Happy Birthday Alyssa I LOVE YOU.... {she's never gonna see this but I feel better hehe}. I come from a LARGE family. My mother and father had 4 children. Some how those 4 crazy children gave them 20 count them TWENTY grandchildren {only 3 are mine~ I'm not the crazy one muahahhaha} . So where does that leave me? The Aunt well with TWENTY count them 20 beautiful faces to scrap:) So I am never at a loss for what to scrap.

I also learned about grouping. I learned I will never again make anything in Photoshop without GROUPING! and linking. Makes EVERYTHING so much easier. Where did the part to this flower go? Where is that darn shadow? Well here it is all in this nice little GROUPING folder. Oh how I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE organization. If my house were a computer and I had sub folder upon sub folder I would be the happiest woman in the world. You can learn about GROUPING yourself if you want. This is not for my program but it looks like you can follow along in pretty much any PS CS.

OK, OK you can have the freebie if you want it lol. One has the shadow, one does not in case you think to yourself. Child you really learned nothing. Keep working on it, hope that page goes well haha.

I hope you all have a Fantastic Day!!!
Hugs,  Scrappy Lady Studios.

Aug 26, 2011

It's a learning process

I realize digi designing is a learning process. I realize I have got a long way to go. I realize I am a scrapper. Therefore I document. Hence writing this blog post on what I have learned today lol.

So I am trying out different things. I wanted to try to learn all about the pattern overlay option in PS CS5. I figure I will be using that alot when trying to design my own things. And I hated how it made my image the color of the pattern instead of just using it as a TEXTURE with my already existing color. But I messed around with it until I got as close to my original color as I could. I love them blend modes. Didn't use them much when I used PSP.

Then I wanted to make my own stitches. So I looked up some things about how to adjust my brush options. Pretty cool stuff and I look forward to learning more about making brushes in the future. I am trying to figure out how I got the brush to paint WITH my texture already on it lol.

Anyway, So in my learning process I came up with this ribbon. Made from a flat rectangle selection. I think I did ok. Maybe a better texture next time lol.

Please read my TOU included in the zip file. Please send others here to download instead of passing the file along.

I wouldn't mind at all comments, or suggestions advice and what not. Please just don't be mean about it lol.

Aug 24, 2011

Oh yeah I DID IT *** Picture me Happy Dancing Here***

I did it yay!!!!!! I got my blog up oh yeah!!! Ok besides making the header, figuring out how to put the dang bkg on was the hardest. Well so I thought!!!!!!!.......... Then I found this tut... and as soon as she started talking I knew what I had to do lol. But who knows how long it would have been before I went back to look in that area lol. oh well I got it up hahaha. And then my blinkie!!! I was like ok how do they do that? HMMMMM??? How I say?!?!?!?! Well then I found this Tut.... and that was how she said lol. So I did it haha. I like it especially for my first time. Anywahwho, I am here. I am ready...let us go and achieve:)

Have a great evening peeps")
Scrappy Lady Studios :)

Aug 23, 2011

Hello From Mi!!!

Just testing out my colors. Trying to get the hang! :) This is where I will put up my Layouts. Links to things I like. Maybe show some of my fav stuff. MAYBE just maybe I will put freebies up as I learn how to do things lol. If I like it enough to not throw it away.