Aug 24, 2011

Oh yeah I DID IT *** Picture me Happy Dancing Here***

I did it yay!!!!!! I got my blog up oh yeah!!! Ok besides making the header, figuring out how to put the dang bkg on was the hardest. Well so I thought!!!!!!!.......... Then I found this tut... and as soon as she started talking I knew what I had to do lol. But who knows how long it would have been before I went back to look in that area lol. oh well I got it up hahaha. And then my blinkie!!! I was like ok how do they do that? HMMMMM??? How I say?!?!?!?! Well then I found this Tut.... and that was how she said lol. So I did it haha. I like it especially for my first time. Anywahwho, I am here. I am ready...let us go and achieve:)

Have a great evening peeps")
Scrappy Lady Studios :)

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